About Us


My wife Debbie and I have been farming pecan nuts since 1995 after moving to the Lismore area. After researching hard and long to find what type of horticultural crop was most suited to the area along with our principals and way of life (No pesticides and No fungicides and no poisons) we settled on Pecan Nuts.

The pecan nut tree is a species of “Hickory” which is native to America, therefore has no natural pests in Australia and does not require the use of Pesticides or fungicides.

We purchased 600 seedlings and planted our first farm. After several fantastic years of farming at Tatham (Casino), I just happened to be having a cup of tea with my good friend and pecan mentor Mr Geoff Café.

Geoff and his wife Marcia who owned and operated a 150 acre farm on the Northern side of Lismore about 7 minutes’ drive out of town.  The farm consisted of 500 mature and producing pecan nut trees along with quality cattle.

The farm is situated on the fertile river flats of the Wilson River with a substantial water and irrigation licence. At that time, I considered the pecan nut farm to be running at about 10% of its potential.

Whilst sharing a cup of tea with Geoff he mentioned he intended to sell the farm and retire.  I said I would buy the farm and after discussing same with Deb we did. The rest is history.  Deb and I purchased the farm on the 1st of July, 2003. Over the next few years we planted another 4500 pecan trees of improved varieties and have worked hard to assist them to grow strong, straight and become fruitful.

I completed the Nutri-tech Solutions 5 day course is sustainable agriculture in 2005, became an active member of the Northern Rivers “Soil Care” Group in 2005 and since that date I have completed several TAFE courses in Biological farming.

We have learnt to grow ‘Nutrient Dense’ ‘chemical free’ pecan nuts that look and taste great along with being healthy and good for you.  Pecan nuts have the same amount of antioxidants as a same size serve of blueberries.  On our farm we conduct a yearly soil analysis and a monthly leaf analysis.

We fertilise our soils yearly in line with the results of the soil analysis to create BALANCE. We use animal manures and organic rock minerals to create this balance in the soil.  We fertilise our trees by folia sprays monthly in line with the results of the leaf analysis to create the balance within the tree.

The results are the best tasting and healthiest pecan nuts on the North Coast.